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CCW and firearms safety training classes - Practice real world conceal carry situations. Area's best indoor shooting range and gun safety training. Shooting range memberships available.

Price: $85.00  |  Members: $65.00

Requirements: 21 years old and able to load and unload your firearm safely along with minimum shooting skills (101 Class recommended for beginners )  

This 4 hour class includes shooting and upon completion fulfills the Arizona CCW permit requirements. 




Price: Call for Price  

Two types of training classes exists:  Groups up to 20 or 30, or Individual.

We have found individual training ( up to one couple ) to be the best type when first being introduced into firearms or for specialized firearm use.

Our 101 and 102 Classes have proven to be the best way to learn the basics.

In a two-hour class, you have more one on one time with an instructor than with most two- day classes. Instructors are taught to teach to the lowest level of experience in the group.

With a private class, you are taught from your level upward the whole time. Our goal is for you (and the firearm best for you) to become one. Complete understanding and control brings the gun into the trusted-tool category and makes it a part of your family security plan. 

HANDGUN 101 | SHOTGUN 101 | A/R 101

Price: $150 | Member: $100

One-on-one training or one couple

Requirement: 21 years old*

Learn about safe handling including loading and unloading, maintenance, shooting limitations and develop confidence in your gun’s capabilities. Range time and materials are provided.  Your firearm or ours. Includes ammo. 

 Special considerations on request* 

HANDGUN 102 | SHOTGUN 102 | A/ R 102

Price: $200 |  Member: $150

One-on-one training or one couple

Requirements: 21 years old and completion of a previous 101  class

Handgun with drawable holster or purse. A/R carbine or shotgun.

Ammo requirements:

  • Handgun: 50
  • Carbine: 40
  • Shotgun: 25

Learn to run your firearm including reloading, drawing from purse or holster and other options for your specific firearm . Learn to  shoot while moving

Your specific firearm will be evaluated to see if it meets your needs. We can provide assistance in setting up a training schedule to achieve it. Personal and discrete.