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New Site – New Classrooms – New Sales Area

Lots of new stuff at The Hub. On top of the new site, we have finally finished our new classrooms and sale area. The Classroom went from one classroom. To the ability to have 4-5 classes going at one time. We will be able to use major props like cars, doors and the use of a second story. Its also nice because now, we have a dedicated area that is very big and doesn’t feel cramped. 

The other new thing at The Hub is the new sales area. This area is going to have our hard cases by Explorer and Pelican, knives, helmets, chest rigs, moral patches, soft cases, gun rugs etc. This Allows us to spread out the inventory and give the customer a better view of each item they are wanting to look at. Before, customers would have to get the sales staff involved to look at a knife or jacket. Now everything is in one area and easy to find. 

Moral Patches are a totally new product for us at The Hub. We have to brands right now. Maxpedition and Violent Little Machine Shop We also are working with Urban Operators to get patches from them . As their name implies they really make you smile and laugh. Thats why we knew we had to add them. 

We are always trying to make the store stay with the times and to make sure the inventory is the latest and greatest as well as at the best price it can be. However, we are a small company so, if you every see a price that you think can be better or you have seen better let us know! We want your business and we want you to feel that you have the most service and best price around. 

Thanks again! Keep checking back for more post and info in the future!

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